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Visualizing Data

The following list identifies the data visualization components:

Graph: supports more than 50 types of graphs, including bar, pie, line, scatter, and stock graphs, enabling you to evaluate data points on multiple axes in a variety of ways. Part of JDeveloper since 10g, Graph is now a JSF component with many new features added:

There are several new graph types, including funnel, floating bar, and fit to curve.

Graphs can render in Flash or in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), an XML-based language for drawing two-dimensional graphics.

Interactivity features include zooming and scrolling, time selector window, line and legend highlighting and fading, and dynamic reference lines and areas

The JSF graph tag is improved, with simplified tags for 17 commonly used graph types.

Gauge: A new data visualization component in JDeveloper 11g that focuses on identification of problems in data. Supported gauge types are:

Dial: Standard and Threshold

Status Meter: Standard and Threshold