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Creating a Query Search Form

You create a query search form by dropping a named view criteria item from the Data Control panel onto a page. Named criteria represent the view criteria that have been defined for the data collection in the model. When you drop a named view criteria onto a page, that view criteria is the basis for the initial search form. All other view criteria defined against that data collection appear in the Saved Search drop-down list. Users can then select any of the view criteria search forms, and also any saved searches.

You have a choice of dropping only a search panel, dropping a search with a results table, or dropping a search with a tree table. If you choose to drop the search panel with a table, you can select the filtering option to create a filtered table.

Normally, you would drop a query search panel with the results table or tree. JDeveloper automatically wires up the results table or tree with the query panel. If you drop the query search panel without the results table or tree, you can designate a component that is based on the query’s data collection as a results component. In the Property Inspector for the query panel, copy the value of the ResultsComponentId field, and then paste that value into the Id field for the component that you want to designate as a results component.