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Using the af:quickQuery Component

The quick query component has a single search criteria input field. The user can select which attribute to search by selecting from a drop-down list. The available searchable attributes are drawn from the model or from a managed bean. The user can search against the selected attribute or against all attributes. The search criteria field type will automatically match the attribute type. For example, if the selected search field is of type VARCHAR, then an Input Text component is rendered.

Quick query components may be used as the starting point of a more complex transactional search that uses a query component. For example, the user may perform a quick query search on one attribute, and if successful, may want to continue to a more complex search. The quick query component supports this by having a built-in advanced link that is a af:commandLink component. You can create a managed bean to enable the user to switch from a quick query to a query component.

Under the af:quickQuery tag, are several attributes that define the quick query properties. The attributes of interest include:

The id attribute, which uniquely identifies the quick query. This value should be set to match the results table or component's partialTriggers value.