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Using ADF Faces Query Components

ADF supports two types of search forms:

The query search form, created using the af:query component, is a full-featured search form. An af:query component includes an af:queryCriteria component, which represents the search panel or form. It can be used to render the criteria fields without the toolbar at the top and the button bar at the bottom. The query control enables a user to perform the following tasks:

Manage existing searches.

Perform operations including creating a search, deleting a search, updating a search, duplicating a search, and resetting a search.

Execute a query based on values defined for the current search.

Adjust the current search, for example, by adding or deleting search fields, changing the search mode. The quick query search form, created using the af:quickQuery component, is a simplified form that has only one search criterion.

The quick query control enables a user to perform a quick search for a textual string across one or more criteria items. The af:quickQuery component is usually used in conjunction with a table or a tree table component to display the query results.