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Selecting a Date

As with other components, you can create a calendar component by dragging from the Component Palette or the Data Controls panel. However, when a default component is created for a date attribute, it is automatically created as an af:inputDate component. This component presents a text input field for entering dates and a button for picking dates from a calendar. The default date format is the short date format appropriate for the current locale. For example, in U.S. English, the format is mm/dd/yy. However, you can override the format using af:convertDateTime.

When you use the af:inputDate component, an af:convertDateTime subcomponent is included. This subcomponent converts a String into java.util.Date, and vice versa, based on the pattern and style set. For Oracle Fusion Applications development, when a date attribute is dropped onto the UI, the <af:convertDateTime> attributes are automatically set so that the date is formatted according to the user’s language preference.

You can set the following attributes on the af:inputDate component, either programmatically or by using the Property Inspector:

label: Specify a label for the component.

chooseId: Specify the ID of the af:chooseDate component, which can be used to pick the Date value for this af:inputDate.