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Characteristics of Bounded Task Flows (continued)

Declarative support for Back button navigation

Ability to pass input parameters from the ADF bounded task flow caller to store within the pageFlow scope 

Ability to return values back to ADF bounded task flow caller upon exit 

Metadata only loaded on-demand

ADF bounded task flow fragment reuse through task flow templates 

Addressable, in that when you invoke an ADF bounded task flow, you must specify an identifier and the name of the XML document that contains the identifier

Bounded task flows consist of a group of activities and control flows between the activities that enable a user to complete a task. There are different types of task flow activities, including the following:

View activity: Displays a page or page fragment. For Fusion applications, all pages are contained in the unbounded task flow, so any view activities in bounded task flows should be page fragments.

Router activity: Evaluates a declarative expression to produce a control flow outcome

Method call activity: Invokes application logic (Java method) from within task flow

Task flow call activity: Calls an ADF bounded task flow

Task flow return activity: Defines an exit point of the task flow

Save point restore activity: Restores an application that supports save for later functionality. This is explained in the lesson titled “Implementing Transactional Capabilities.”

URL view activity: Redirects the view port to any URL addressable resource