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Working with Unbounded Task Flows


Working with Unbounded Task Flows

By default, adfc­config.xml is the XML configuration file for an ADF unbounded task flow. You can double-click this file in the Application Navigator to open it in the editor.

There are four tabs at the bottom of the editor that enable you to see different views of the source file for the task flow, all of which remain coordinated as you edit them:

Diagram: A visual view that enables you to drag source elements, components, or diagram notations from the Component Palette to define the task flow

Source: The XML source code, which you can edit directly

Overview: Contains different panels that enable you to configure the task flow

History: A history of changes

A common way of working is to initially create pages and navigation in the unbounded task flow, because that enables you to easily test them in one location. When they are functioning correctly, you can convert portions of the unbounded task flow to a bounded task flow if needed.

A typical application is a combination of an unbounded and one or more bounded task flows. Every Fusion Web application contains an unbounded task flow, even if the unbounded task flow is empty. The application can call bounded task flows from activities in the unbounded one.