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Characteristics of Unbounded ADF Task Flows


Characteristics of Unbounded ADF Task Flows

Although there can be many bounded task flows in an application, there can be only one unbounded task flow, which is assembled at run time by combining one or more adfc-config.xml files. The set of files that is combined to produce the ADF unbounded task flow is referred to as the application’s bootstrap ADFc configuration files.  

The ADF unbounded task flow represents the outermost task flow of an ADF application. The application’s entry point can be a view within the ADF unbounded task flow. 

As a user navigates within an application, a task flow stack is maintained to keep track of the calls from task flow to task flow. An ADF unbounded task flow always logically exists as the first entry on the task flow stack, but would simply be empty if no unbounded task flow is defined.

An unbounded task flow does not contain the well-defined boundary or single entry point of a bounded task flow. You should use an unbounded task flow if your application has multiple points of entry. For example, an end user might enter an application through two different Home pages.