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Using the Structure Window to Modify a Task Flow


Using the Structure Window

The Structure window offers a structural view of the data in the document currently selected in the active window of those windows that participate in providing structure: the diagrams, the navigators, the editors and viewers, and the Property Inspector.

The windows that participate in providing structure also follow selections made in the Structure window. Double-clicking the node for a method in the Structure window, for instance, makes the source editor the active view and takes you directly to the definition for that method.

You can open multiple instances of the Structure window, freezing the contents of any number of them, to compare the structures of different files. You can also switch structure views without changing editors.

It is sometimes easier to select elements in the Structure window and either delete them or drag other elements to them from the Component Palette. So you can use the Structure window not only to view the structure of a document, but to modify it also. For example, the slide shows dragging a control-flow-case tag from the Component Palette to the Structure window to create a new control flow. You can also right-click an element in the Structure window and from the context menu choose to surround it with another element or insert another element inside, before or after it.