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Using the Configuration Editor to Define Control Flow


Using the Configuration Editor to Define Control Flow

This console provides a visual way to edit all elements of the .xml configuration file, as opposed to just a navigation model. It is especially useful for creating global or pattern-based rules for multiple pages, creating default navigation cases, and editing control flow rules. From this console, you can edit or remove existing control flow cases or create new ones.

Defining Dynamic Control Flow

If you want the outcome of a control flow to be determined dynamically, you can bind it to a method on a managed bean by setting its from-action in the Property Inspector to an expression that evaluates to a managed bean method. The managed bean can execute some application logic and, depending on the results, return an outcome. The returned outcome determines the control flow case that is implemented.

A from-action is an EL expression (such as #{backing_OrderCreate.cancelButton_action}) that binds to the managed bean method that should be executed to determine the from-outcome. You learn about EL expressions in the lesson titled “Adding Functionality to Pages.”