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Creating a Bounded Task Flow


Creating a Bounded Task Flow

To create a new task flow that is bounded, you can invoke the New Gallery and select Web Tier > JSF > ADF Task Flow. In the Create ADF Task Flow dialog box, you perform the following:

Give the task flow a name, location, and unique ID.

Select the Create as Bounded Task Flow check box.

Indicate whether to create it with page fragments. If you want to use page fragments (discussed in the lesson titled “Ensuring Reusability”) you need to be aware that you cannot run a page fragment by itself. You may initially create the bounded task flow with pages and convert it to page fragments after testing of the task flow is complete.

Indicate whether to create the task flow as a train, which is a progression of related pages guiding the end user through a series of steps. Each step in a train contains a UI component showing the user’s progress and enabling them to return to earlier steps.

Indicate whether to use a template and whether to update the task flow when the template changes.

Another way to create a bounded task flow is to extract part of an existing task flow into its own bounded task flow. To do this, click the task flow diagram and drag out an area to surround the activities that you want to include in the separate task flow. Then right-click one of the activities and select Extract Task Flow from the context menu.