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Characteristics of Bounded Task Flows

Although there can be only one unbounded task flow in an application, there can be many bounded task flows. You can think of a bounded task flow as a process because it defines a modular block of task flow functionality for reuse. It is the only type of task flow that can be used as a region on a page.

Bounded task flows have the following characteristics:

Single entry point and zero or more well-defined exit points 

Well-defined boundary with a transaction beginning and end. It consists of its own set of private control flow rules, activities and managed beans. 

Memory scope (pageFlow scope)variables for passing data between activities within the ADF bounded task flow, with a lifespan that is longer than request, but shorter than session scope

Declarative support for transaction management 

Ability to begin a new transaction upon ADF bounded task flow entry 

Ability to commit or roll back upon ADF bounded task flow exit