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oracle adf workshop


Defining Router Activities

To define a control flow using the router activity, perform the following steps:

1. In the Component Palette, drag the router activity to the task flow diagram.

2. In the Property Inspector, enter an id. The id is an identifier that is used to reference the router activity within the metadata, for example, chooseAction.

3. In the Property Inspector, enter a default outcome. This outcome is returned if none of the cases for the router activity evaluates to true, or if no cases are specified. The default outcome should specify a case already defined for the router. If no case is specified for the default outcome, an error occurs if the default outcome is returned.

4. In the case section of the Property Inspector, specify values for each of the router’s cases. A case is a condition that, when evaluated to true, returns an outcome. For each case, you must enter:

expression: An EL expression evaluating to true or false. The expression can reference an input text field in the Start activity.

outcome: Returned by the router activity when its corresponding expression evaluates to true. You must account for each outcome with a matching control flow case or a wildcard control flow rule in your task flow diagram.