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oracle adf workshop


Example: Bounded and Unbounded ADF Task Flows

The example in the slide shows:

An unbounded task flow that consists of two pages; there is no entry or exit point in this task flow. It defines the “top level” flow.

The CheckoutFlow bounded task flow, which is a train with a single entry and two exit points. It also includes a global control flow rule.

A typical application is a combination of an unbounded and one or more bounded task flows. The application can then call bounded task flows from activities within the unbounded task flow. You can include bounded task flows in a top-level (unbounded) task flow diagram. This has various advantages over putting everything in one diagram:

It breaks the diagram into modules and makes it more readable.

The individual modules (bounded task flows) make it easier for multiple developers to work on pieces of the application.

Bounded task flows can be reused by other application developers.