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Describing the ADF Model Layer


Model Layer Components

Oracle ADF data controls provide an abstraction of the business service’s data model. The ADF data controls provide a consistent mechanism for clients and Web application controllers to access data and actions defined by diverse data-provider technologies.

The Oracle ADF Model layer implements the two concepts in the JSR-227 specification that enable decoupling the user interface technology from the business service implementation:

Data controls: The ADF data controls provide an abstraction of an application’s business services, giving the ADF binding layer access to the service data. Data controls define the data model returned by the business service. You can bind UI components to data controls to populate a page with data from your data model at run time.

Declarative data binding: The UI components created by the Data Controls panel use declarative data binding, which means that the data binding expressions are automatically configured, and that in most cases, you do not have to write any additional code. When you use the Data Controls panel to create a UI component, JDeveloper automatically creates the various code and objects needed to bind the component to the data control you selected.