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Using the Component Palette


Using the Component Palette

JDeveloper provides the Component Palette that enables you to easily add components by dragging them to the page in the visual editor or to the Structure panel. You can choose a component category from the pop-up list at the top. By default, the following categories are available: ADF Data Visualization (graph components), ADF Faces, CSS (stylesheets), HTML, JSF, JSP, and JSTL (JSP Standard Tag Library).

For ADF Faces, the following types of components are provided:

Common components: The building blocks of a JSF page with properties and behaviors

Layout components: Containers to lay out components on a page and define the resize behavior

Operations: Specification of client-side behavior or user interaction

When you create components by dragging them from the Component Palette, you can use Expression Language (EL) to bind them to data. You learn more about data binding and EL later in this lesson.