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Creating a JSF Page (continued)

By default, when you create a JSF page in a project that uses ADF Faces technology, JDeveloper automatically inserts the af:document tags for you. All other components that make up the page then go in between <af:document> and </af:document>. The af:document component renders nothing itself, but the contents within it are rendered, where appropriate.

At run time, the af:document component creates the root elements for the client page. For example in HTML output, the standard root elements of an HTML page are generated: <html>, <head>, and <body>.

Typically you would use af:form within af:document to contain your page contents, so JDeveloper creates that tag for you also, as shown in the example in the slide of the XML code for a page when it is first created.

After your page files are created, you can add databound UI components.