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Running and Testing the Page


Running and Testing the Page

To test the page, run it either from the task flow diagram or from the page itself. To run the page, right-click it in the editor and select Run. To run as part of task flow, right-click the view in the task flow and select Run.

To make testing quicker, you can retest the page without rerunning it if the page definition (data binding information) has not changed. To do so, remove the parameters (everything from ? to the end) from the URL in the browser and reload the page. You can also retest it by clicking the link that displays in the log window. Make sure to recompile and save any changes before retesting.

Then test the functionality. The example in the slide depicts a default ADF Search Form. To test the functionality, you must click Find to put the form into Find mode. Enter one or more query criteria, and then click Execute to retrieve the queried data.

You may notice that additional components are needed to improve functionality. In the example in the slide, there is no way to see more than one record, so you would need to add navigation buttons to the form.