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Opening a Page Definition File


Opening a Page Definition File

Information on data bindings is not held in the page itself, but in a separate metadata file, <pagename>PageDef.xml. This file is created automatically when you first add a data binding to a page, and each time you add databound components to the page, JDeveloper adds appropriate declarative binding entries into this page definition file.

The page definition file is used at run time to instantiate the page’s bindings, which are held in a map called the binding container, accessible during each page request using the EL expression #{bindings}. This expression always evaluates to the binding container for the current page. The binding container provides access to the bindings within the page, so there is one page definition file for each databound Web page.

To edit a page definition file, open it in the visual editor or code editor by right-clicking anywhere in the page or page fragment and selecting Go to Page Definition from the context menu. You can also view the page definition file bindings by clicking the Bindings tab while editing the .jsp or .jspx page.

In the Applications Navigator, the page definition file is under the Application Sources node.