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Expression Language and Bindings


Expression Language and Bindings

When you use the Data Controls panel to create a component, the ADF data binding expressions are created for you. The expressions are added to every component attribute that displays data from or references properties of a binding object.

Each expression references the appropriate binding objects defined in the page definition file, the file that contains data bindings for a page. You can edit these binding expressions or create your own, as long as you adhere to the basic ADF binding expression syntax. ADF data binding expressions can be added to any component attribute that you want to populate with data from a binding object.

In JSF pages, a typical ADF data binding EL expression uses the following syntax to reference any of the different types of binding objects in the binding container:



bindings is a variable that identifies that the binding object being referenced by the expression is located in the binding container of the current page. All ADF data binding EL expressions must start with the bindings variable.