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Data Binding Objects and Metadata Files

All of the bindings used by a particular page or form are grouped in a binding container. In general there is one binding container per page or form.

The binding context is the handle through which the client accesses the data binding layer. The DataBindings.cpx file maps each page to its page definition file and the data controls it uses. It lists all of the data controls that are in use.

The page definition file is created automatically the first time you create a binding in a page. Alternatively, if you select “Go to Page Definition” for a page that does not currently have a page definition, you are prompted to create the page definition file. Page definition files are named pagenamePageDef.xml. If you rename a page definition file you must also change the name of the file in DataBindings.cpx. Use the Refactor  Rename  operation to perform a consistent rename.

Each binding context, binding container, and data control has its own metadata file. A metadata file is a .xml file that contains all the application-specific information that the ADF model run time needs.

Note that ADF BC is different from other data controls in that it does not have a Data Controls definition file, because each application module automatically becomes a data control.