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oracle adf workshop


Creating a JSF Page

To create a JSF JSP, you can invoke the New Gallery as shown in the slide. If you have generated task flows during the planning stages, instead of using the New Gallery you can double-click a view icon in the task flow diagram to create the actual JSP file, or right-click the icon and select Create Page.

Oracle recommends that when creating an ADF application, you create an XML-based JSP document, which uses the extension .jspx, rather than creating a .jsp file. Using an XML-based document provides the following benefits:

Treats your page as a well-formed tree of UI component tags

Discourages you from mixing Java code and component tags

Enables you to easily parse the page to create documentation or audit reports

Enables the page to be used as metadata

All JSF pages that use ADF Faces components must have af:document enclosed within f:view, as shown in the following code snippet (elements beginning with “af:” are ADF Faces elements, whereas those that begin with “f:” are JSF elements):

<f:view> <af:document/> </f:view>