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oracle adf workshop


Tracing Data Binding: From Database to Databound Components

It is easy for you as a developer to create databound components, but it is helpful for you to also understand what goes on behind the scenes to enable this simplicity.

This slide illustrates the source of data that appears on the page. Its ultimate source in an ADF BC application is a table in the database. An ADF BC entity object represents that table, and a developer creates an ADF BC view object to present a specific view of the EO data that is required by an application. The developer exposes the VO to an application in an ADF BC application module. When you create an AM, JDeveloper automatically creates a data control for it. You then bind data on a page to elements in the data control, thus enabling access to the back-end ADF BC entity object, and through that to the database table.

The next several slides examine the concept of data binding in more detail, expounding upon the bottom portion of the above slide.