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oracle adf workshop


Editing Bindings in a Page Definition File

The elements of the page definition file are displayed in the editor. There are four types of elements:

1. Parameters: Page parameters, evaluated at the beginning of the request; this is where you would put any parameters that are passed in when the page is requested, and then used as parameters by methods invoked in the page. Page parameters are explained more fully in the lesson titled “Passing Values Between UI Elements.”

2. Bindings: Value and action bindings in the page

3. Executables: All iterator bindings used in the page and any method actions that need to be invoked when the page is loaded; at run time, the bindings in the executables element are executed in the order in which they appear in the page definition file.

4. Data Controls: The data source or sources for the page

As you select different bindings in the visual editor, arrows link the selected binding with its iterator and its data control element. You can add, remove, or edit bindings and executables. You can also view the Source or History by selecting those tabs at the bottom of the editor.