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oracle adf workshop


Creating and Editing Data Bindings

You can create or edit a data binding in one of the following ways:

When you drag a component from the Data Controls panel to a page or panel, a binding is created automatically.

You can select the component in the editor and edit the binding in the Property Inspector. This enables you to use Expression Builder to define an EL expression.

With the component selected in the editor, you can right-click the component in the editor or the Structure window and select Rebind to Another ADF Control. If there is no existing binding, you can select Bind to ADF Control. This is explained further in the next slide.

You can view and edit bindings contained in the page definition file by clicking the Bindings tab at the bottom of the editor, then selecting a binding and clicking Edit (the pencil icon.)

You can also open the page definition file and create or edit a binding in the Structure window or in the Overview tab. This is explained further in a few slides.