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Using Java as a Language for Web Development


Using Java with Enterprise Internet Computing

You can design Java programs as server-based components that form scalable Internet applications.

The currently accepted model for Java Internet computing divides the end-to-end application process into several logical tiers. To make use of this model, JavaSoft defined Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE), which has four logical tiers:

Client Tier

When Java executes on client machines, it is typically implemented as a browser-based application. But a thin client can be simply Web pages that are delivered from a server as HTML.

Web (Presentation) Tier

This is executed on a Web server. Code in this tier handles the application’s presentation to the client. Common Java features for this function are servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSPs), and JavaServer Faces (JSF). Servlets and JSPs can each generate dynamic HTML for display as Web pages to clients.