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Adding to JSF with ADF Faces


Adding to JSF with ADF Faces

Oracle ADF Faces is a rich set of user interface components based on the JavaServer Faces JSR. Oracle ADF Faces uses the flexible JSF rendering architecture to combine the power of Ajax and JSF to provide over 100 components with built-in functionality—such as data tables, hierarchical tables, and color and date pickers—that can be customized and reused in your application.

Each component also offers complete customization, skinning, and support for internationalization and accessibility. ADF Faces also provides a rich set of Flash and SVG-enabled components that are capable of rendering dynamic charts, graphs, gauges, and other graphics that provide real-time updates. This built-in support for Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML), SVG (scalable vector graphics), and Flash (Adobe’s multimedia playback) enables developers to build rich UIs without an extensive knowledge of the underlying technologies.

ADF Faces also simplifies the code necessary to connect application logic in existing business services to UI components. Its components are JSR-227 compliant, enabling developers to easily bind services to their UIs at design time.

ADF Faces components can be used in any IDE that supports JSF.