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oracle adf workshop


ADF Life Cycle Phases

Because ADF is built on top of JSF, its life cycle includes all of the JSF phases. In addition, the following phases have been added:

Init Context and Prepare Model: Executed after JSF Restore View, and also after JSF Render Response when navigation has occurred

Validate Model Updates: Occurs after JSF Update Model Values

Metadata Commit: Occurs after JSF Invoke Application

Prepare Render: Occurs after JSF Render Response and, if applicable, the Init Context and Prepare Model phases that apply when navigation has occurred

You can define before and after events for all of these phases, such as before (Validate Model Updates) or after (Prepare Render). ADF phase events are always executed after the event of the JSF phase on which it depends.

You learn more about events and the role of the ADF life cycle in the lesson titled “Responding to Application Events.”