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Defining Navigation by Using the JSF Controller

In JavaServer Faces, navigation between application pages is not hard coded in the file but is defined by a set of rules that are centrally defined in the faces-config.xml file. Navigation rules determine the next page to display when a user clicks a navigation component, such as a button or a hyperlink.

A navigation rule defines the navigation from one page to one or more other pages. Each navigation rule can have one or more cases, which define where a user can go from that page. For example, if a page has links to several other pages in the application, you can create a single navigation rule for that page and one navigation case for each link to the different pages. The rule itself can define the navigation from:

A specific JSF page

All pages whose paths match a specified pattern, such as all the pages in one directory, which is called a pattern-based rule

All pages in a Java EE Web application, which is called a global navigation rule