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JavaServer Faces (continued)

physical world: It is not an HTML or JSP tag, but an object that when pressed has an associated behavior.

Developers can attach listeners to interpret user interactions with components into business logic, and the JSF infrastructure manages the rest for you. Thus, developing JSF applications is more about user interface design and assigning business logic to components rather than programming against low-level APIs.

JSF can automatically synchronize UI components with backing beans, which are Java objects that collect user input and respond to events. It can be used with a variety of clients.

The JSF specification was written with tool support facilities built in. The standard JSR-276 (Design Time Metadata for JSF Components, aims to ensure that components from different vendors render correctly in IDEs that support JSF.

Because JSF is a UI component framework that works with tools and runs inside containers, it appeals to many types of programmers and has wide industry support.

There are many sites on the Web where you can get further information about JSF, such as and