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Correcting Failures to Invoke Actions and Methods


Correcting Failures to Invoke Actions and Methods

When the executables are refreshed, actions and custom methods may be invoked on the page. At this stage, the corresponding action or method binding is refreshed. If an executable or its target binding is not executed, the action is ignored.

The entry point for action and method execution is the DCDataControl.invokeOperation() method. Debugging on that method enables you to work with the same method that the data control uses to invoke the method. This is preferred because some adapter data controls can interpret the method name in a custom way rather than leave it to ADF to call the method.

To debug the action or method invocation for the binding container, perform the following steps:

1. In the oracle.adf.model.binding.DCDataControl class, set a breakpoint on invokeOperation() as the entry point to debug an action or method invocation.

2. When processing pauses, step into the method to verify that instanceName in the Data window shows that the method being invoked is the intended method on the desired object.

3. Verify that args in the Data window shows that the parameter value for each parameter being passed into your method is as expected.