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Understanding Breakpoint Types (continued)

Class: Any method in a given class is invoked. This can be handy when you might only know the class involved in the problem, but not the exact method you want to stop on. Again, this kind of breakpoint does not require source. The Browse button helps you quickly find the fully qualified class name you want to break on.

Watchpoint: A given field is accessed or modified. This can be helpful to find a problem if the code inside a class modifies a member field directly from several different places (instead of going through setter or getter methods each time). You can stop the debugger in its tracks when any field is modified. You can create a breakpoint of this type by using the Toggle Watchpoint menu item on the shortcut menu when pointing at a member field in the source of the class.

To see the Debugger Breakpoints window, use the View > Debugger > Breakpoints menu choice from the main JDeveloper menu, or optionally the key accelerator for this: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [R]. You can create a new breakpoint by selecting the New Breakpoint menu choice from the context menu anywhere in the Breakpoints window.