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oracle adf workshop


Requesting Help

If you ask a forum for help, try to include as much relevant information as possible. You’re not expected to include all the information listed for every problem; just what’s appropriate. And give your post a meaningful subject line; “Need help” is less likely to get anyone to look at your post than is “Unable to refresh detail when clicking tree node.”

Including stack trace information in your posting can be extremely useful. JDeveloper’s Stack window makes communicating this information easy. Whenever the debugger is paused, you can view the Stack window to see the program flow as a stack of method calls that got you to the current line, and use the context menu to set some helpful options:

Preferences: You can set the Stack window to include the Line number information as well as the class and method name that are there by default.

Export: Save the current stack information to an external text file

Provide concrete examples in your request for help rather than abstract descriptions. For example, you might start a problem description as follows: “My page contains an input form for editing customer information. Each customer can have one or more phone numbers.” This is easier to understand than an abstract description, such as: “My page contains an input form for editing an object, one of whose attributes can have one or more values.”

When you solve your problem, you should post the solution to the forum thread, so that others can benefit.