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Correcting Failures to Display Data

After BindingContainer is created by BindingContext, the ADF life cycle initiates the Prepare Model and the Render Model phases before data can be displayed in the Web page. Before the bindings are resolved and data can appear in the Web page, page parameters must be set and Iterator and Method executables must be refreshed by executing named service methods and ADF iterator bindings.

The ADF life cycle enters the Prepare Model phase by calling BindingContainer.refresh(PREPARE_MODEL). During the Prepare Model phase, BindingContainer page parameters get prepared and then evaluated. Next, BindingContainer executables get refreshed based on the order of entry in the pagedef.xml file’s <executables> section and on the evaluation of their Refresh and RefreshCondition properties (if present). When an executable leads to an iterator binding refresh, the corresponding data control is executed, and that leads to execution of one or more collections in the service objects. If an iterator binding fails to refresh, a JBO exception is thrown and the data is not available to display.