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oracle adf workshop


Using Common Oracle ADF Breakpoints

If you loaded Oracle ADF source code, you can use additional breakpoints to debug your application. By looking at the stack window when you hit these breakpoints, and stepping through the source you can get a better idea of what’s going on. These breakpoints are useful for debugging declarative functionality. Commonly used ADF breakpoints include:

oracle.jbo.JboException: Exception breakpoint that is the base class of all ADF BC run-time exceptions

oracle.jbo.DMLException: Exception breakpoint that is the base class for exceptions originating from the database

doIt(): Method exception from the class oracle.jbo.uicli.binding.JUCtrlActionBinding: Executes when any ADF action binding is invoked, so you can step into the logic and look at parameters if relevant

oracle.jbo.server.ViewObjectImpl.executeQueryForCollection: Method exception; called when a VO executes its SQL query

oracle.jbo.server.ViewRowImpl.setAttributeInternal: Method exception; called when any view row attribute is set

oracle.jbo.server.EntityImpl.setAttributeInternal: Method exception; called when any entity object attribute is set