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oracle adf workshop


Setting Up Oracle ADF Source Code for Debugging

After you receive or download the source file archive, extract it to a working directory. You create libraries of the source code JAR files in this directory and then add the libraries to your JDeveloper projects.

To add the ADF source zip file into the user library, perform the following steps:

1. Select Tools > Manage Libraries to display the Manage Libraries dialog box.

2. With the Libraries tab selected, click New.

3. In the Create Library window, enter a library name for the source that identifies the type of library and select the Source Path node in the tree structure. Do not enter a value for the Class Path. Click Add Entry.

4. In the Select Path Entry window, browse to the source file directory and select the source zip file. Click Select.

5. In the Create Library window, verify that the Source Path entry has the correct path to the source zip file, and deselect the Deployed by Default check box. Click OK.

6. Click OK to close the Manage Libraries dialog box.

After the source library has been added to the list of available libraries, add it to the project you want to debug, as you would add any library.