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Filtering Your View of Class Members

An excellent but often overlooked feature of the JDeveloper debugger is the ability to filter the members you want to see in the debugger window for any class. In the debugger’s Data window, pointing at any item and selecting Object Preferences from the context menu brings up a dialog box that enables you to customize which members appear in the debugger and (more importantly sometimes) which members don't appear. These preferences are set by class type and can really simplify the amount of scrolling you need to do in the debugger Data window. This is especially useful while debugging when you might only be interested in a handful of a class’s members.

Displaying fewer fields narrows your focus when debugging and may make it easier to locate and isolate potential problems in your program. For example, you can create filters for classes in the Data windows so that the debugger displays only the fields of interest to you. This drastically reduces clutter and allows you to find the relevant data more quickly.