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oracle adf workshop


Using the EL Evaluator

When you debug and reach a breakpoint, you can use the EL Evaluator to examine the value of an EL expression. The EL Evaluator appears as a tab in the debugger window area; you can select View > Debugger > EL Evaluator if it is not visible.

Enter an EL expression in the input field. When you enter #{ in the field, a discovery function helps you to select the correct expression to evaluate, and auto-completion also facilitates expression entry. You can evaluate several EL expressions at the same time by separating them with semicolons. After you have entered the expression or expressions, click Evaluate. If the EL expression no longer applies within the current context, the expression evaluates to null.

The EL Evaluator is different from the Watches window in that EL evaluation occurs only when stopped at a breakpoint, not when stopped at subsequent debugging steps.