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oracle adf workshop


Declarative UI Debugging

You use the ADF Declarative Debugger in JDeveloper to set breakpoints on ADF task flow activities, page definition executables, and method, action, and value bindings. Instead of needing to know all the internal constructs of the ADF code, such as method names and class names, you can set breakpoints at the highest level of object abstraction.

You can set or remove such breakpoints by right-clicking task flow activities or bindings and selecting Toggle Breakpoint; you can also set or remove breakpoints on executables or bindings by clicking the margin in the binding editor.

For example, when you set a breakpoint on the Choose Action router activity in the CheckoutFlow, a red dot icon appears on the activity, as shown in the slide. When the breakpoint is reached, the application pauses and the icon changes, as shown.

After the application pauses at the breakpoint, you can view the run-time structure of the objects as a tree in the ADF Structure window, as shown in the slide. The ADF Data window displays a list of data for a given object selected in the ADF Structure window.