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Profiling a Project

JDeveloper includes a profiler that you can use to gather statistics on your program so that you can more easily diagnose performance issues. With it you can examine and analyze the performance of your program. You can perform the following types of profiling:

CPU profiling: Tabulates the processing time of specific methods

Memory profiling: Tabulates the allocation and freeing of data objects

You can start a CPU or memory profiling session for a project or any of its runnable files, and you can have multiple sessions running, depending on the availability of system resources.

Note: For a simple CPU profile report that is sent to standard output, you can use the –Xprof JVM option. To utilize this utility, edit the project properties and select Run/Debug/Profile. Edit an existing configuration or create a new one. In the Launch Settings, add –Xprof to the Java Options field. You can also easily get garbage collection information by using the ­verbose:gc JVM option.