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oracle adf workshop


Configuring ADF Logging (continued)

Progress reporting:

INFO: Key flow steps

CONFIG: Configuration properties and environment settings

FINE: High-level logging message (this is the level that Oracle recommends)

FINER: Entry or exit from a routine

FINEST: Low-level logging messages giving maximum detail

After a level is set, only messages that have a severity greater than or equal to the defined level will be logged. For example, setting the level to WARNING means that logging occurs for WARNING and SEVERE messages. Setting the level to the lowest severity, FINEST, means that messages of all seven severities are logged.

A module filter is an optional comma-delimited list of non-case-sensitive strings. You can define a filter, so only messages that match the filter criteria get logged. Use of a wildcard (%) is supported. For example: MODULE=store%, jtf%.