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oracle adf workshop


Configuring ADF Logging

Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) uses logging.xml to configure the ODL loggers globally. This file exists in the \config directory of the domain that is running the application. For example, the logging configuration file for the JDeveloper integrated WebLogic Server is located in: <JDevUserDir>/system11xx.xx.xx/DefaultDomain/config.

Alternatively, you can create a debug configuration in JDeveloper that you can select when you start a debugging session.

There are several ADF loggers that you can configure in the ODL configuration file.

A logging level is a threshold set by the system administrator to control the logging of messages. The logging can be set to any one of the following seven severities for each logger individually:

Failure reporting:

SEVERE: Highest level of severity to catch any unexpected errors during normal execution

WARNING: For internal errors or exceptions for which the user was not notified