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In this lesson, you should have learned how to:



The ADF BC developer has opportunities for adding validation into the application at the business services level as well as in the UI. This lesson focused on adding validation at the business services level.

The easiest way to create and manage validation rules is through the declarative validation framework. Oracle ADF is shipped with a number of built-in declarative validation rules that will satisfy many of your business needs. In addition to the prebuilt validation rules, you can also create your own XML validator beans and add them to the declarative framework. You can implement more complex validation rules for your business domain layer by using your own Java code in Method validators. There are many types of validation you can code with a Method validator, either on an attribute or on an entity. You also can add programmatic validation that you explicitly call, and you can define domains to use as prevalidated data types for multiple attributes.

JDeveloper’s integrated debugger is a useful tool for pinpointing problems in your custom validation code.