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oracle adf workshop


Defining Declarative Validation

To include declarative validation on an entity object, perform the following steps:

1. Double-click the entity object in the Application Navigator to invoke the editor.

2. Invoke the Validation Rule editor:

For entity validation, in the Entity Validation Rule section of the General tab, click Add Validation Rule.

For attribute-level validation, select the Attributes page and double-click the attribute for which you would like to define a validation rule. In the Edit Attribute dialog box, click Validation in the list on the left of the page. In the Validation pane (with the attribute selected) click New. You can also define attribute.

3. In the Add Validation Rule dialog box, select the type of validation required from the Rule Type list and add details of the rule.

4. Define validation execution rules and failure handling procedures by clicking the relevant tabs and entering the preferences.

5. Click OK. The validation rule is displayed in the list of validation rules for the entity or attribute that owns it.