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Coding: The Java Classes (continued)

EntityCollImpl: This class represents the set of rows from the entity that is stored in the internal ADF Business Component cache. You do not usually need to generate or modify this class, but if you do, you may also choose to generate bind variable accessors and typesafe getters and setters for named bind variables. An example of when you might want to generate this class is if you need to programmatically retain and reuse an association accessor row set.

When you choose to generate Java classes for entity objects, the classes that are generated extend the base classes. The classes that you generate use the entity name, followed by Impl, DefImpl, or CollImpl (such as These classes provide methods to manipulate either row-level data or the definition of the entity itself. You can use the generated classes to add custom validation or business logic.

You learn later in this lesson about the base classes for view objects and application modules.