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Committing Transactions


Committing Transactions

Post Phase: The framework validates all entity objects that are marked as invalid (any new or updated entity object is automatically marked as invalid.) This process includes applying all validation rules that you have added in the Entity Object Wizard, as well as executing any custom code that you have added to the entity’s validateEntity() method.

Commit Phase: The transaction is committed, and the updated data is available to other application modules.

Avoiding Infinite Validation Cycles

Because custom validation code itself can change an entity object’s data, the validation process in the post phase is repeated up to a limit specified by the transaction-level Validation Threshold setting, until no entity objects are marked as invalid. Then the updates are posted to the database. If invalid entities remain after the threshold is reached, an exception is generated. To set the validation threshold, you can edit the application module by performing the following steps:

1. Right-click the application module and select the Configurations panel.

2. Select a configuration and click Edit.

3. Select the Properties tab.

4. If the property jbo.validation.threshold exists, you can edit its value; otherwise click Add to manually add the string jbo.validation.threshold and set its value.