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oracle adf workshop


Using Query Results Programmatically

The ViewObject interface in the oracle.jbo package provides the methods to make quick work of any data-retrieval task.

Most of the time you work with only a single row set of results at a time for a view object, with a single iterator. The view object contains a default RowSet, which in turn contains a default RowSetIterator. The default RowSetIterator enables you to call the following methods directly on the ViewObject component itself, knowing that they apply automatically to its default row set:

executeQuery( ): Executes the view object’s query and populates its row set of results

setWhereClause(): Adds a dynamic predicate at run time to narrow a search

setNamedWhereClauseParam(): Sets the value of a named bind variable

hasNext(): Tests whether the row set iterator has reached the last row of results

next(): Advances the row set iterator to the next row in the row set

getEstimatedRowCount(): Counts the number of rows a view object’s query would return