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oracle adf workshop


Publishing the Service Method

When you add a public custom method to your application module class, if you want clients to be able to invoke it, you need to include the method on the application module’s client interface. To do this, perform the following steps:

1. Select the Java panel in the Application Module Editor.

2. Click the Edit application module client interface icon (Pencil icon).

3. Shuttle the method you want to publish from the Available pane to the Selected pane, and then click OK.

JDeveloper creates a Java interface with the same name as the application module in the common subpackage of the package where your application module resides. The interface extends the base ApplicationModule interface in the oracle.jbo package, reflecting that a client can access all the functionality that your application module inherits from the ApplicationModuleImpl class. The interface created by the example in the slide includes the retrievePersonById() method that was added to the client interface of the application module. Each time a method is added to or removed from the Selected list in the Client Interface dialog box, the corresponding service interface page is updated automatically.