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Generating Java Classes for Adding Code

ADF enables you to customize the behavior of your business components to the requirements of your application. Although an increasing number of modifications are possible to accomplish declaratively, there are cases where you must add code to meet the requirements.

By default, the only files generated for business components are the metadata files in XML. If you need to add Java code, you can optionally generate Java classes on the Java tab of the component’s editor as follows:

Click Edit (pencil icon).

In the Select Java Options dialog box, select the check boxes for the class and methods that you want to generate. You learn more about these classes shortly.

Click OK to generate the class. Then add to the class the methods that you want to code.

Just as with the XML definition file, JDeveloper keeps the generated code in your Java classes up-to-date with any changes you make in the editor.

To delete a Java class that has already been generated, follow the same process, but deselect those classes that you want to delete. Any code that you may have added to those classes is lost when you delete the class.