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Examining View Object Methods

Because you can access view objects directly in client code, it may be useful to review the methods that are available for view objects.

When you generate the view object class for a view object, it extends ViewObjectImpl, which indirectly (through the ViewObject interface) implements the RowSet interface. Rowset is an interface representing a scrollable range of rows, of which one may be designated as the current row. Some of its methods include the following:

createRowSetIterator(java.lang.String name): Creates an iterator for the row set

executeQuery(): Executes the View Object’s query

getApplicationModule(): Gets the row set’s Application Module

getEstimatedRowCount(): Counts the number of rows in the collection defined by the View Object’s query

getMasterRowSetIterators(): Returns all controlling masters of this row set

getName(): Gets the row set’s name

getViewObject(): Gets the View Object that contains the row set

getWhereClauseParams(): Gets the bind-variable values to be used with the View Object’s query condition